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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maine - MDI - Thuya Gardens

Northeast Harbor is a village, a protected harbor, and a beautiful area along the southern end of Mount Desert Island.  One of the attractions is a home and garden constructed as a private residence but since placed into a trust so that all may enjoy its beauty.  It is known as Thuya Gardens.  In June 2106, a neighbor, David Rockefeller, gave an adjoining 1000 acres to Thuya Gardens in honor of his 100th birthday, greatly increasing its size.  The gardens include the original cottage with furnishings and extensive library, the gardens and hiking trails.  Rather than fill this blog post with verbiage describing this beautiful place, a series of photos have been attached create many thousands of words.  The progression begins with the walk up the trail to the cottage, a few of the cottage, then a walk through the gardens.

View from the trail back toward Northeast Harbor