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Friday, July 1, 2016

Maine Lighthouses

Lighthouses seem to have a mystical quality.  One cannot pass by a lighthouse without being drawn to it, staring upon it for a while, studying the architecture.  It is more than the physical building that is the attraction. Is it the history, the importance to navigation, or is it some spirits that remain calling to mariners?

For those who are drawn to lighthouses, a few images collected by the Last Dance crew of lighthouses in Maine are shared in this post.

Mouse Island Light, Boothbay Harbor

Browns Head Light, Vinalhaven, Fox Thorofare West

Isle au Haut Light

Goose Rocks Light, Fox Islands Thorofare
Chuckholds Light, Boothbay Harbor

Indian Island Light, Rockport
Tenants Harbor Light

Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde
Isle au Haut Light

Isle au Haut Light
Tenants Harbor Light

Curtis Island Light, Camden Harbor
Whitehead Light, near Rockland
North Haven Light

Indian Island Light, Rockport

Portland Head Light

Ram Island Ledge, Portland
Spring Point Ledge Light, Portland Inner Harbor
Browns Head Light, Vinalhaven, Fox Islands Thorofare
Ram Island Light, Boothbay Harbor

Bass Harbor Light, Mount Desert Island
Bear Island Light, near Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island
Pemaquid Light
Burnt Coat Harbor Light, Swans Island
Blue Hill Bay Light
North Haven Light
Two Bush Light, Penobscot Bay