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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lake Superior - Hattie's Cove - Pukaskwa Park

The water body to the left is Hattie's Cove.  It appears to be a lake from this vantage point, but there is a cut through the ridge hidden in the trees connecting to the cove on the right.  Pukaskwa National Park headquarters is located on Hattie's Cove, the northernmost point of the large, 726 square mile park.  Many hiking trails allow visitors to experience the Lake Superior wilderness, including the challenging 60 kilometer coastal trail.

The ragged shoreline near the park headquarters has scenic trails that pass through many different environments, all in close proximity.  Parks Canada has instituted a new program of placing red Adirondack style chairs at interesting views along some of the park trails.  The pair of chairs at Pukaskwa did provide quite a view.

A dinghy ride was required to enter Hattie's Cove as it is off limits to powered craft and anchoring.  During the exploration of the shore in the attempt to find the small cut leading to Hattie's, the chairs were sighted on a ridge.  The first man-made objects on the shore since the Otter Island Light, 50 miles south.  The first trail hiked brought the crew upon the chairs for a great photo opportunity.

The jagged shoreline of Lake Superior is obvious along the Pukaskwa Park trails as they meander near the water.

The jagged shore had many rocky features, as it had for the entire length from Sault St. Marie.  Then, a beach appeared.  A horseshoe-shaped beach of white sand.  How did that happen, geologically?


Inland of the beach are low sand dunes, similar to what could be found in Florida - a very odd spot along the big lake.  The hiking through Pukaskwa is filled with amazing experiences.