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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lake Superior - Gargantua Harbor

Although the Canadian coast of Lake Superior lies in English-Speaking Ontario, many of the place names are of French origin.  So, the name of this harbor is pronounced Gar - gan' - twua.  English speakers tend to say Gar - gann - tu' - wa.  An important distinction when one looks at a chart where a land mass in the harbor looks much like a human anatomical part.  Gargantua, another harbor surrounded by a park, this time a Provincial Park.

One of the interesting aspects of Gargantua is the 115 foot long tugboat that resides there.  It sunk in 1915.  For being underwater for over 100 years, the boat is amazingly well preserved.  The higher lake water level in the summer of 2017 had the steam engine completely underwater, making it an unmarked navigational hazard as well as a point of interest.  The two-cylinder steam engine looks like it would not take much to have it running again.

The cold waters have even preserved the portion of the wooden hull that lies under the water.  Just one of the many interesting aspects of cruising Lake Superior.