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Thursday, December 21, 2017

The North Channel

After leaving Lake Superior and before returning to Charlevoix, Michigan, Last Dance completed a circumnavigation of The North Channel.  It is really a large bay on the north side of Lake Huron, formed by a series of major islands to the south and the Canadian mainland to the north.  Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world.  The North Channel arguably has more high-quality, beautiful, protected anchorages per mile of any cruising area in North America.  Some argue that the achorages are the best in the world.

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The above links are to reports made in our blogs on previous visits to The North Channel.  As you should be able to deduce from the large number of posts, this is the most favorite cruising ground for us, and many other cruisers.  This 2017 report will continue the normal travelogue type of post that is custom for the blog, focusing on places not visited before, sharing interesting photos of previously visited spots, and take a quick look at the social aspects of cruising.

The 2017 trip included many of the beautiful anchorages for which North Channel is famous, but also included more ports than traditionally visited, including Bruce Mines, Blind River, Spanish, Little Current, Killarney, Kagawon, Meldrum Bay, Drummond Island, and Detour Village.  The map above depicts the lap around the Channel.