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Friday, December 29, 2017

North Channel - Mary Ann Cove

Mary Ann Cove is a small but deep cove along the southern shore of Baie Fine.  It is a popular spot for cruisers for many reasons - it is a beautiful spot, the rocks on the far shore in this image are perfect for Rocktails, and there is an amazing hiking trail.  The trail is challenging, but the scenery and the view from the top are spectacular.

It is customary for boats anchored in Mary Ann Cove to stern tie to shore.  First, the water is so deep that sufficient amount of scope (the length of the anchor line deployed) required for a secure set would result in a huge swing circle.  Second, many boats anchor here and stern tying keeps the boat in one spot, making room for more boats.  While it looks like we have a solitary anchorage in this image, there were 12 boats anchored in the cove by evening, including a 75 footer.

This is the view from the rock ledge on the far side of the cove, looking across the outer cove of Mary Ann and Baie Fine, with the solid white quartz Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  Just a gorgeous setting.

Entering Baie Fine at one of its widest points, the only deep water is right next to a rock wall.  This year a waterfall greeted cruisers, one which has not been there is past years.  It is indicative of a wet spring and summer, conditions that make for good blueberry production.  It also adds to the scenic value.  Why is it that sunsets and waterfalls always grab peoples' attention?

The hiking trail begins along the shore of the outer cove and heads up the ridge through many twists, turns, and rock climbs.

There are narrow sections, steep sections, and places that are confusing.  It is not a park-maintained trail, so the often placed blue blazes are not there to help with deciphering which direction leads one along the trail and which direction might get one lost.

The spectacular view from the top of the ridge makes the effort of a long, challenging hike well worth the effort.  This view is looking west.  The water body to the left is Frazier Bay, with Little Current and Killarney to the south.  The body of water in the center is Baie Fine, with the narrow entrance in the distance.  From this point, one is looking down on the Blue Ridge Mountains on the right.  The water body behind the Blue Ridge is McGregor Bay.

There are many interesting sights along the Mary Ann hiking trial.  One was this leaf.  It is August and fall is beginning, an early season change experience for native Floridians.

To narrow the depictions of interesting views, images of only one topic are shared below - mushrooms, of which there are many varieties.