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Friday, December 29, 2017

North Channel - Killarney

Killarney is located at the end of a long peninsula where a geological event carved a cut through the rock.  That cut makes for a pass through the land mass and provides waterfront for marinas.  Killarney is the dividing point between Georgian Bay and North Channel.  A small lighthouse on a prominent point marks the east end of the channel.

The Killarney economy has been in decline for years.  At one time, every business in town was for sale.  Things are looking up.  The Killarney Mountain Lodge, originally built in the 1950's as a retreat for a large corporation, was purchased by a Canadian businessman, who has upgraded the property and built new buildings.  The marina has also been greatly expanded.  He also purchased the other inn in town, the Historic Sportsman's Inn and Marina.  Activity is returning to Killarney.

Canada is proud of the Inukshuk, a traditional symbol of welcome of the First Nation People.  The Killarney Mountain Lodge had the largest Inukshuk encountered.  The newest lodge building is in the background.

Killarney is a not-to-be-missed stop on a cruise through the North Channel.  Last Dance was there for two days when the forecast big storm arrived in full force.  There is great food at the Lodge and a famous fish and chips restaurant at the commercial fishing dock.  Killarney is always a popular stop.