This online document is a means of sharing the adventure of traveling on America's waterways with friends and family. Last Dance is continuing to take her crew to historical, natural, beautiful, and interesting places. Enjoy the ride.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gerogian Bay - Beaverstone Bay

Beaverstone Bay is located at the east end of Collins Inlet, just off the large waters of Georgian Bay.  A group of islands in this small bay create a few protected anchorages.  Most of the land surrounding the bay is public.  Land here continues to be pink granite rocks covered with a few trees and other plants.

Granite rock can be almost vertical in some places, in others the rock slopes to the water's edge providing good dinghy landing access.

Public lands and easy shore access provide opportunities for hiking, exploring, and berry picking.  Everyone gets into the action.

For one crew member, hiking is not considered sufficient exercise.  A few minutes of turbo, running in large circles at full speed, helps fulfill the need.

Beaverstone Bay is reported to have some bass lurking under the waters.  A few decided that the lures trolled behind Rubber Duck looked enough like fish to strike.  This little one was released back to the water to grow larger for another day.  Beaverstone proved to be another of the beautiful and secluded spots among the 30,000 Islands in Georgian Bay area of Lake Huron.

On the journey along the Georgian Bay shore toward Beaverstone Bay and Collins Inlet, a view of the distant mountains become closer and clearer.  This ridge is called the Blue Ridge even though it is entirely white quartz.  It forms the northern edge of Baie Fine and Lake Topaz lies along the top.