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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Georgian Bay - Black Bass and Objibway Islands

A group of many islands, including Black Bass in the background, create multiple coves wonderful for anchoring.  Some were uninhabited, allowing for hikes ashore.  The crew member most anxious for hiking opportunities can be seen in the foreground.  Cottagers on Little Black Bass Island gave the crew a chart of the islands and waterways around Shawanaga Island.  The chart was created by their father many years ago and their mother reprints the chart in his memory.  The official Canadian charts have no detail and no water depths in this area.

With new chart in hand, plans were made to visit Objibway Island and the Objibway Club.  The shortest and easiest route was through a passage known as the Hole in the Wall.  This route is only suitable for smaller craft, so a dinghy ride was in order.  With the accurate chart, the dinghy is heading right for the Hole in the Wall.  You see it, don't you?

The chart had the crew headed correctly and as the boat got closer to the passage, a rock wall gave a hint of where the opening in the rock wall might be.

Yes, it is not just a small bay or notch, it is a narrow, winding passage through the rock.  Navigating is always a challenge, more so sitting so low in a dinghy.

You would not want to meet another boat of any size going the other direction, particularly if they were traveling at any speed above idle.

After passing through numerous bays and cuts with confusing shorelines, the back side of Objibway Island was found.  On the other side was the objective - the Objibway Club.  The large building was once a hotel, drawing hundreds of people for recreation, particularly in the 1920's and 30's.  The hotel closed in the 1960's, was purchased by cottagers in the area, and now operates as a club - an open membership club that welcomes guests.  The hotel no longer houses guests, but does have a restaurant with inside and porch dining, an internet room, library, meeting rooms, and a history room filled with photos and memorabilia.  Lunch on the porch was a treat.  The building on the left is a well-stocked grocery giving cruisers the rare opportunity to reprovision in the remoteness of Georgian Bay.  Both the restaurant and grocery had Kawartha ice cream.  The last chance to enjoy this delicacy heading north on the bay.