This online document is a means of sharing the adventure of traveling on America's waterways with friends and family. Last Dance is continuing to take her crew to historical, natural, beautiful, and interesting places. Enjoy the ride.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Georgian Bay - Portage Island

Leaving Bone Island, the destination was far up the bay.  But when Last Dance nosed out into the big waters of Georgian Bay, the winds had whipped up the waters to a state deemed uncomfortable by the crew.  Alternatives are always in the plans and the harbor formed between Portage Island and Burnt Island (there must be 100 islands named Burnt in Georgian Bay and North Channel) made a peaceful setting.

Up a skinny channel between the islands, only deep enough for dinghy travel, an area of about 5 acres on Portage Island was a park, part of Parks Canada.  The southern half of Georgian Bay is cottage country, with most islands and mainland shoreline being privately owned, leaving few opportunities to go ashore.  The Last Dance crew enjoys hiking and exploring, and one crew member relishes the chance to find some grass a few times a day.  Thanks, Parks Canada.