This online document is a means of sharing the adventure of traveling on America's waterways with friends and family. Last Dance is continuing to take her crew to historical, natural, beautiful, and interesting places. Enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

North Channel - Heywood Island

Heywood Island is a large island lying between Killarney and Little Current.  There are a series of coves and smaller islands along the north shore, creating multiple safe harbors.  Because of its proximity to Little Current, the only place with grocery stores, it is a popular spot.

A pair of eagles had a nest on one of the small islands.  In this image, the female eagle can be seen on the nest and a juvenile eagle, full sized but without the characteristic white feathers, stands on the left.

The spot where Last Dance was at anchor provided a view of the nest.  Both parents are on the nest here.  The male had just returned with a meal he had captured.  About a week later, it was reported that the eagles were giving flying lessons to the eaglets.

Sunrise at Heywood.  Being at anchor allows one to experience the many beautiful aspects of nature.