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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

North Channel - Hotham Island

Hotham Island is one that does have inhabitants.  But, in this case, it is a plus.  Hotham has multiple coves perfect for anchoring and the surrounding area has even more protected coves.  Check the map in the post on Central North Channel.

The cove along the north midsection of Hotham has the only two houses on the island.  What makes this anchorage special is the people who have the house pictured above.  The main house is on the right and the small house is the "bunkie," a Canadian term for a guest house.

Norm and Elaine spent many summers cruising North Channel, most often anchoring near Hotham Island.  One summer someone had begun construction of this house. Norm decided to take a dinghy ride to offer his help. He was involved in construction, having many skills to offer. The property owner was puzzled at first, but accepted the offer.  Other cruising boaters at anchor, hearing Norm's stories of the construction, joined in.  Many afternoons, when the work was complete, a happy hour broke out.  Friendships were formed over shared work and relaxed conversation. 

Fast forward some years.  The owner past away.  His widow made a visit back to the Hotham home.   During a conversation with Norm and Elaine, she offered the home for sale, in part due to his efforts in building and their ensuing long years of friendship.  Norm and Elaine made the decision to have a land-based home at Hotham, purchasing the house.  

They decided to continue the tradition of friends gathering in the afternoon for a few drinks and conversation.  Everyone anchored in the cove is invited to join them at their home.  Dinghies begin arriving at the dock at 5:00 pm.  Note the Canadian flag.  Every cottage along the water in Canada has a flagpole.  When the residents arrive for the summer, the flag is hoisted.  When the season is over and they head home, the flag is then lowered.  An interesting tradition.

(Elaine Semrau photo)
A nice sized group formed from the boats at anchor on the evening Last Dance was at anchor in this cove.  Munchies were shared, beverages were imbibed, stories were told, and friendships made.                    This blog focuses on the geography of places visited, whether the natural or the constructed.  Friends made while cruising are one of the biggest positive factors making cruising by boat so rewarding.  However, a blog filled with photos of people, ones most readers of the blog will never meet, does not create as much interest as photos of beautiful and interesting places.  So, shots of nature and towns are selected to be shared. People are featured here for a couple reasons: to thank Norm and Elaine for their outstanding hospitality, and to illustrate an interesting story about people and friendships.

(Elaine Semrau photo)