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Sunday, September 18, 2016

North Channel - Mosquito Island

A large island, Great La Cloche, lies just to the north of Little Current.  On its northwest corner is a small cove, made even more protected by a small island, Mosquito.  It is known as Mosquito Harbor.  The protection provided by a harbor has been mentioned numerous times in these descriptions of anchorages in Georgian Bay and North Channel.  Summer 2016 had many days and, even nights, that were plagued with high winds, creating rough waters.  Finding an anchorage where surrounding land keeps waters smooth is one of the important factors.

Another aspect often a benefit of anchorages in Georgian Bay and North Channel is that the surrounding land is public and accessible.  The opportunity for a walk is important to the littlest of the crew, Bonnie, and the hiking/exploring/nature experience to the human crew.  Unfortunately, the majority of the shoreline in this harbor is on Great La Cloche Island, marked private even though it is totally wooded and undeveloped.

Fortunately, the small island giving the name to this cove is not marked private, even though it once had a house, probably when this area was being logged, the largest industry in the area 100 years ago. The chimney and foundation gives evidence to the history of habitation.

The shoreline of Mosquito was made of a soft rock, broken into flat pieces.  The land access not only filled Bonnie's needs for a walk ashore, it gave Jill another chance to build a welcoming Inukshuk.