This online document is a means of sharing the adventure of traveling on America's waterways with friends and family. Last Dance is continuing to take her crew to historical, natural, beautiful, and interesting places. Enjoy the ride.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

North Channel

North Channel is better described as a bay in Lake Huron lying between Manitoulin Island and the mainland.  It stretches from Killarney to Sault St. Marie (off this map to the left).  Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world.  There is only one bridge connecting the island to the mainland, at Little Current, and it is only one lane wide.  The bridge is a 100-year-old swing bridge, originally built to carry trains, that is opened on the hour for boat traffic.  It takes 15 minutes to swing the bridge open and back closed.  The red dots indicate stops made by Last Dance on the 2016 journey.  The best anchorages are along the northern edge.  The green areas on the map are Provincial Parks and the gray areas are First Nation land.